Friday, December 12, 2008


Eric sent this email at 6am this morning.

Coleman is in urgent need of prayer

His liver is failing and the doctor has informed us quite plainly that the greatest likelihood is he will not survive the next few days.

He had to be sedated prior to our arrival and is fully restrained due to complete disorientation.

The one glimmer of hope - and it is the only one that has been offered -is that coleman is young and strong.

Please encourage fervent prayer.

NOTE from Win -- For those who wish and are able, Heritage Bible Curch will be open at noon today so we can pray for Coleman and the Hinkefent family see the sidebar for details.


  1. My heart is so very heavy today. The Lord God knows all things and His eye is upon even the smallest sparrow. I come boldly to His throne of grace on Coleman's behalf.

  2. Oh, Eric and Belinda. Our hearts are united with yours in fervent prayer this day. I boldly go before the throne of God and ask for His mercy, grace and healing in this hour. Oh, may you know His sweet presence! Father in heaven, I ask that You bring back this young man from the brink of physical death, that he may continue to give love and receive the love of his family and friends. I know his name is written on the palms of Your hands and that his life abides fully in Jesus Christ. May we implore You to have mercy upon Coleman and bring life and healing back to his physical body. You alone hold the keys to life and death, and You alone are the source of all our hope and faith. You alone own the words of life. In this knowledge, I ask You to return life to this very loved young man.
    Father, sustain Eric and Belinda as only You can. Let them intimately know Your abiding presence with them in these waiting hours, as a precious young life hangs in the balance. Encourage their hearts, strengthen their faith, collect their tears, and grant to them the courage needed to walk through the midst of this fire. Protect them from the evil one.
    These things we lay at Your feet, in Jesus' name, iwith all praise and adoration.

  3. As I was praying for Coleman, I realized that God had me praying for Coleman's life before I even received the specific request from Eric. This morning at 6:30am I pled with Our Father to spare Coleman's life. I find this immensely encouraging!

    May God's healing hand work a miracle in the body of Coleman and His peace completely surround Coleman's family in this time of crisis.

  4. To Him who is Able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or think for Coleman, and his loved ones, according to the power that works in us, unto Him be glory.. Eph. 3:20-21

    We love you, Suzy

  5. Eric and Belinda (and of course, Coleman),
    you are in our prayers and will continue to be. We have also added your names to the LDS Temple Prayer Roll, so hundreds of prayers will be offered in your behalf. Sending much love and healing thoughts your way.
    We love you. We know that God is fully aware of each of you and your needs at this difficult and challenging time. May God's tender mercies bless and keep you.
    Gary and Frances Hume