Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update from Eric

Eric sent this email at 2:35 this afternoon.

The doctors in Homburg continue to do everything possible for Coleman - and again have clearly informed us that without change to his liver status, which has not responded to treatment to this point, the prognosis is dire. He is no longer restrainted, being continually sedated, is on a ventilator and receiving all that human medicine can offer. He is resting comfortably. Please continue to pray for him - he is still fighting hard and the next couple of days are critical.

While we remain focused on Coleman, we cannot help but suffer along with his many friends and family who have been devestated by this news. I hope that each of you will pause to lift them up as they endure this journey.


  1. It is so good that Coleman is resting peacefully,
    answered prayer! It sounds like the doctors are doing their best and you are all being lifted in continuous prayer.......from all around the world. A miracle will happen! We love you, the girls are with Amy for a while and doing great. Don't worry about anything here. Take care of each other, keep up your strength best you can. Thank you again for the blog it helps. Karig and Beth

  2. Dear Eric and Belinda and Family:
    There is some alternative therapy that may help your son, Coleman, rather than the chemotherapy. It was started by an Italian medical doctor who is an oncologist that has practiced this therapy for over 20 years. His name is Dr. Simoncini. He still lives in Italy and continues to practice this therapy with apparently very good success in just days, for people with cancers. It is possibly worth a chance. An American Osteopathic medical doctor that also does the therapy is Dr. John Gonino of Heath, Texas (outside of Dallas, Texas near Rowlett, Texas). I found out about these two doctors on a television program called "Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann" which is on several of the stations on my "Sky Angel" televsion service (Christian and Family television - see This program is on The Liberty Channel (of Liberty University [Jerry Fallwell] in Lynchburg, Virginia)on my television service, for example. You can go to the "Know the Cause" website at and view past programs with Dr. Simoncini and the past week's five programs anytime of the day or night plus a whole lot of other helpful information. I have prayed for your son and will continue to keep him in my prayers. I received the information about your son's situation through a fellow Sunday School classmate from my church, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. If you need more information about the doctors, you can contact me somehow. Doug Kaufmann's program gets so many calls now that they really cannot get to questions by phone in most cases, so it may be easier to talk to me. I have set up an appointment myself this January 2009 with Dr. John Gonino (who takes medicare), but for an annual physical, not the therapy because Medicare no longer will pay for the I.V.'s and costs about $3,000 for cancer patients total for all the necessary treatments(I have had a benign brain tumor in my right thalamus since at least July 1986 [when I had a seizure...which led to going to a neurologist...which led to a CT scan and an MRI...which revealed the tumor]). Be of good cheer...God is there with you all!
    Sincerely, in Christ Jesus,
    Karen Shaw

  3. Eric, Belinda, Coleman and family,
    We wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and that we are praying continually. We love you all so much.
    Bob, Sherry, Chris and Stephanie

  4. I pray that the healing warmth of God's grace envelops Coleman and his family, bringing good health, comfort, and stamina to you all.


  5. Dearest family,
    My heart goes out to you. Please know that Coleman has touched many hearts and all are joined in prayer. We pray for restoration of Coleman's health, strength and comfort, for the family and that God will embrace you with His love. Just know that there are many that you do not know who have heard about this situation and are praying fervently for your precious son.
    A sister in Christ

  6. I have been praying for Coleman and your family ever since i found out the news yesterday. I will continue to pray until Coleman recovers.
    He's a fighter. And every last bit of your strength helps him become even stronger and fight even harder. There is so much support and love waiting back home.

    God never gives you more than you can handle.

    May God Bless you all in this time.

  7. The Hinkefent family,
    I just wanted to tell you guys that my prayers, as well as my familys, and many friends go out to your family for healing, courage, and strength.

    Coleman - Your stronger than this, keep on fightin brother.

  8. Eric and Belinda:
    I know you don't know me but I am Karol Morrison's father. I am so sorry to here about your son. As Christians we all know the power of prayer and we are praying with all we have in us for Colemans quick recovery. I know things look bad now but keep the faith because God still is doing miracles and I have witnessed a few in my life. In March of this year my father was in critical condition and we were told he only had 2 minutes to live at one point. Our prayers were answered and Dad is still with us today and doing well for a man that is 82 years old. There was so many prayers going up for him that God seen fit to keep him around a while longer and i believe it was because of all the prayers from everyone we new. The same thing is going on for Coleman. We are here in Kentucky and have many people saying as many sincere prayers as they can on behalf of your darling son. When one of our children is hurting we all feel it in our soul and hope all things turn out as we would wish but we have to wait on God's will to be done.Keep the faith , keep praying and whatever God's plan is for Coleman it will all be Okay. We don't understand why these things happen but we do understand everything is in God's plan. We love you and our heart's go out to you and your family. God Bless, Brian Morrison

  9. Eric and Belinda,
    The news of Coleman from Julie is unbelievable. I instantly prayed to God that this strong YOUNG man WILL survive. I am in a world wide network called EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization) where it's possible to tape into any information you might need globally. Please let me know if I can help in anyway.
    Love you both.
    Jan Blanchard

  10. coleman,
    you are a very strong person. i have faith in you. you are my not give up, keep fighting the have so many people on your side right now. you are in my prayers every night and my friends as well.
    family stay strong.

  11. Belinda and Eric - I am praying for all of you during the unbelievable time. I will be passing prayer requests on to my church so that more people will be praying for Coleman. He is a young, strong, bold, and determined young man with a feisty spirit! We don't know how this will play out - things may look dire in the natural but our God works in the supernatural. I pray for you both to have much strength right now. May this trial bring you all closer together, show you how many people love and care for your family and bring all those touched by Coleman's situation closer to God. We are surrounding all of you in prayer and love.
    Sharon Teel

  12. stay strong coleman..
    pull through this!

  13. Dear Hinkefent family: As soon as I heard about Coleman, my prayers began and I have asked my church family in Muskogee to pray for Coleman, his family, friends and fiance. Be strong and keep the faith. Mark Hughes

  14. I have known Coleman for a long time and hearing this news saddened me. It is encouraging to see so many people who know Coleman and the wonderful Hinkefent family, and even those that don't, praying on his behalf. I offer up my prayer and, if it is God's will, that he will make a full recovery. I also pray for the Hinkefent family as I know this must be very difficult.

    -Brent Gathright

  15. Eric & Belinda, at this time our thoughts and then our prayers are never but moments apart. God has placed us all on this world to do His work. I pray that God will wrap His loving arms around you both and give you comfort. I know that He has his plan for Coleman in full action, even though we can't understand why this could be even a small part of those plans.
    I hope you can feel our presence there as we are all there with you in spirit. Stay strong and know that His will shall be done, just as we all pray everyday.
    God loves you and so do we all love you. The prayer circle for Coleman is growing around the world.
    Love, Uncle Scott

  16. Belinda, Eric & Coleman,
    I am so thankful to hear Coleman is resting more peacefully now. I know that has to be a great comfort to you. You are all so loved. I pray you all rest peacefully tonight. I pray that tomorrow will hold new found hope and strength. I pray that you will feel God's loving arms surrounding you.
    God Bless and Keep You All, Cindi

  17. coleman my thoughts and prayers are with you!i love you may Gods peace be with you

    Cameron Culver

  18. Prayers go out to Coleman and ALL his loved ones....

  19. Emil Hinkefent (your big brother who love you so much)December 14, 2008 at 12:49 AM

    Our God is an awesome God and he has blessed my family so many times already. I love my brother and wish i could hold his hand and express to him the way i feel to hold my mom and comfort her in these tough time and for her to hold me and comfort me. i wish i could embrace my dad and be there to learn how to be strong in this horrible storm as i have never had anything like this happen. if it is God's will for me to be there doors will be opened, but if i should not be there then i will stand firm knowing that He has a plan for me right here. i praise God for everthing he has already done and the blessings that each and every one of you have become to our family. it is truly amazing to see God work throughout this network of believers and friends. as prayers go up around the world for my lil bro and and our family someones life is being impacted in a positive way from our tragedy. i am proud to say and i know that coleman would be overjoyed that very many of our (coleman and i's) close friends will be going to heritage bible church tomorrow to join in support of lil bro and God continues to shine a light through coleman into many dark places that have not seen this light before.
    i pray that God continues to fill coleman with the endurance to fight this battle harder than he has ever fought before. i pray that the consuming fire of our Lord Jesus Christ overtakes his body and heals him 100%. Lord give my parents courage and strength to be all that coleman needs and more in these devastating times. Lord be with my brothers doctors help them to have the wisdom to make proper decisions and accomplish unthinkable tasks in that hospital. i pray that my wife heather will be strong for our family and have peace and know that God is here, there, and everywhere. i pray for my baby sisters that they have peace while away from mom and dad and dear brother coleman i pray that they are constantly surrounded by people who love and care about them as coleman and i have been our whole lives. Lord i know you can change circumstances, i am a personal example and i know that you have done great works and made other whole again with nothing but the blood of jesus , Lord i ask for one more of you , please heal my brother so that i can see his face again in this lifetime. Jesus give me the power to help my family, friends, brothers in christ, sisters in christ, and myself. thank you for sending your son to die on the cross for all of our sins so that we can be with our heavenly father when we one day leave this earth. It is in your name that we pray Jesus, Amen. I LOVE YOU ALL AND CANNOT EXPRESS ENOUGH HOW GREATFUL I AM FOR YOUR LOVE, PRAYERS AND YOUR THOUGHTFULNESS FOR MY BABY BROTHER AND OUR ENTIRE FAMILY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  20. Roger and Sally MosebyDecember 14, 2008 at 7:31 AM

    Eric, Belinda, Coleman, Emil, Heather, Jordan - and the entire Hinkefent family

    We have been praying for you without ceasing that the God of all Strength will strengthen Coleman and bring him through this, aand that the God of all peace and comfort will put His comforting arms around you and that you will sense His great love for you.

    The words to this song have given me strength during this time. I hope they will bring you peace also.

    In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song. This cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm. What heights of love, what depths of peace, when fears are stilled when strivings cease. My Comforter, my All in All. Here in the love of Christ I stand.

    Roger and Sally

  21. as bodies of believers gather together around the world today you will all be lifted in prayer by hundreds and thousands of voices and hearts, we are with you, we love you because we know you and because He loves us, we are asking for a miracle, an answer to the prayers of many, the Glory will be God's..........xoxo bets

  22. Eric,Belinda and family-only God knows what we will do with such a great test. He knew your entire family would 'Honor and Glorify Him" in ways I have never seen. The power of prayer and the love of the church family is seen around the world!I'm praying God will heal Coleman completely, He will comfort and strenghten you both, He will give wisdom to the Drs. I'm praying for all those who need to know Jesus Christ as their Savior realize that God is the Healer of our soul. What an Awesome GOD we have!
    Love you all, Bobbye

  23. coleman, i used to let you do so much crazy stuff when we went to cornerstone together. i hope one day you will come back and we can have a good time together again. belinda and eric, im so sorry that this is happening right now. ive been trying to find the good in this but i just cant find any yet. i hope everything works out for the best. emil, if you need anything just give me a call. 638-7757. i love you all and im praying for all of you.