Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update via Emil

Emil has spoken to Eric and Belinda and send great thanks for everyone's prayers. Coleman's condition remains the same and the family continues to covet your prayers.


  1. Coleman and his family are all in my prayers. Coleman is going to be the newest addition to my family and we are all praying for him and hope that his family is at ease while they wait to be at his side.

    We are all keeping our fingers crossed for you buddy!

    Lauren Woodward

  2. Belinda and Eric...

    Precept leaders across the country are praying for you all...this prayer was sent to my e-mail today...


    Father God, our Jehovah-rapha, our most urgent prayers to You are for this one who is fighting for protection of Your people as well as fighting for his life.

    In the powerful name of our Jesus, please heal Coleman's whole body and return him to his family whole and leukemia free. You created his liver for a cleansing in his body, come now and touch it, cleanse it, repair it and make it function as You intended. Thank You that you called Coleman to be part of your many armies of hosts who follows orders daily endangering his life for others.....for freedom.....for You. You are his, as well as this families All- Sufficient One in whom the trust. I am absolutely certain that You hear and act on behalf of Your children, so in Your great mercy and compassion minister in this situation in ways that ONLY You can. So even right this minute, bring to them Your peace that passes understanding, as they trust in You. Use each one as a witness to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work. All the glory to our Savior, Amen

    Pam, one of the sheep,

    Precept Leader, Gaylord, MI.

  3. Eric and Belinda,
    Our hearts hurt for you. When one part of the body suffers we all suffer. We continue prayers for Coleman and that Our all powerful God will restore him to health! May this Psalm comfort you. We love you! Pat Hill

    Ps 115:5 Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; Yes, our God is compassionate.

  4. Eric and Belinda, We are in constant prayer for all of you and your families. We are praying for a miracle of magnificent magnitude that will touch believers and unbelievers around the world. We are praying that you are feeling the love of God in a way that gives you a peace like no other. We are praying that you are feeling the prayers of many multitudes of friends, family, and even strangers around the world. We love you guys and we know that Coleman is fighter. Please know that we are thinking and praying for you constantly. Doug, Cathy, Jennifer and Elzabeth Noordyke.

  5. Andrew & Karol (NYC)December 13, 2008 at 1:51 PM

    Coleman, Belinda, and Eric.

    We are and have been praying for Coleman since we got the news. Karol's entire family has also been praying constantly along with their entire church and friend's in Kentucky.

    I, like Emil, can personally attest to Coleman's strength and resiliency. After spending most of my adolescence doing everything I could to get Coleman to submit to my beatings...He always came back for more and NEVER quit. HE IS THE TOUGHEST PERSON I KNOW and I am sure this sickness is wishing it never messed with him. Get ‘em Coleman!!!

    I cannot help thinking that "CoolMan" will surely let all this attention go to his head after he recovers (We pray it is GOD's will, amen). He will take over this blog and keep us all “Rooting for Coleman.”

    Coleman has expressed his love for Jordan to me many times. I know that he would want all of us to be praying for her as well. Jordan, we pray for you to find strength in your faith and to know that Coleman loves you.

    We know by faith that Coleman is in GOD’s arms, and we know that GOD alone can restore Coleman’s health (we pray it is his will to do so).

    Belinda and Eric, we love you both and know that GOD is with you. We pray for you to have all that you need.

    Love, Andrew & Karol

  6. Eric and Belinda,
    Even tho Coleman may not be conscious, he can definitely hear you! Whenever you are in the room w/ him, talk to him, share God's Word w/ him and know that he CAN hear you!

    Another idea~ since the medical staff will not allow YOU into the room, give THEM something to read to Coleman. You could provide the staff w/ a Bible, or cards w/ verses from the Psalms. Or just copy some of the prayers from this blog and ask the staff to read it to them.

    Coleman will benefit from this, AND the nursing staff will get a little Bible lesson as well! :-) Love, Joy

  7. We are praying for you all! Not only for Coleman and the family, but also for Jordan. My heart goes out to each of you.
    I can't imagine not being able to be with him during this time.
    An idea that might help Coleman while you can not be near him, is to see if you can get your hands on a DVD Player or MP3 player and you can record your own voices reading scriptures, telling him you love him, etc., as you would if you were with him, and then have that playing in his room, or you could play praise songs, the Word of God, etc. When my nephew was dying of cancer we played Praise songs, hymns, scripture and whatever else we thought of that would be encouraging to him. He can hear it and it will bring him comfort.
    Please keep us updated!
    Part of God's Family,
    The Baldons in AZ

  8. Coleman,Eric,Belinda,and all of the family,
    Since the moment Karol and Andrew called me with this news, we have been in prayer for you. I have spread the word to so many of my family, friends and church family, and as far away as my friend in Alaska. Prayer is everywhere for you Coleman.God knows all. We pray for your healing, but most of all for Gods' will to be done. I feel like I know you because Andrew has for years, spoken so highly of all of you.
    Even though we don't know each other personally, I feel a strong love towards your whole family.Coleman,you have made it apparent that you are a fighter. Keep fighting buddy.
    Eric and Belinda, Stay strong in this most difficult, trying time. God is with you.
    He says:I will never leave you or forsake you.
    He is the Great Physician.
    God keep you all and heal you Coleman.
    Kim Morrison from Kentucky (Karol Maries'mom)

  9. Hinkefant family and Jordan,
    God is doing great things as we speak and he will continue doing what he does best, making miracles happen. My heart goes out to you all and like it has already been mentioned, talk to him and let him know we are all cheerin him on!!

    we know he is coming home and we cant wait to see his smiling face and to tell him how AWESOME god is and how all things REALLY ARE POSSIBLE!
    love you coleman!

    -Lindsey Rodriguez

  10. I am praying for you and your family...God's healing hand and peace.

    Friend in Christ in Texas

  11. Belinda, Eric & Coleman,
    We love you all very much. Our love and prayers are with you continually. We serve a GREAT GOD and He is in the business of miracles. Coleman is being prayed for by people from all over the country and is on the hearts and minds of many who have never met him, but heard his story. What a great testimony of one person affecting the lives of many. Coleman has become a missionary in his own way.
    The girls (Erica & Haley) are doing great, so do not worry. We are loving on them while we keep them occupied and happy. We know that is what you would want for them. While they have no idea what is happening, they do miss you all. We will try to not spoil them too much before your return.
    Lord, we ask You to heal Coleman’s body. We ask You to comfort and strengthen Belinda, Eric, and Coleman. We ask You to keep them safe while they are away. We praise and thank You for staying by their side throughout this journey. We praise You for all the love and prayer that is surrounding them. We thank You for all the many blessings You have shown our family in the past. We ask You to be with Emil as the miles separate him from his brother and parents. Ease his heartache, as he so wants to be there to help. Guide Heather in how best to comfort and support him. Lord, please comfort Jordan with Your love and peace. We ask You to guide all the medical staff attending to Coleman’s care. Please make them compassionate, wise and alert. Lord, we ask You to meet all of Coleman, Belinda & Eric’s needs throughout this crisis. We pray that God’s Will be done in this and all things. In Jesus name, Amen.

  12. We continue to pray for Coleman and your entire family-Jordan. Please know that we are with you in spirit and pray for Coleman a full recovery. Hang in there little man. We all LOVE YOU!! Stay strong!

    With Lots of Love,
    Twitchell Family