Friday, December 19, 2008

1:20 PM – Homburg, Germany

1:20 PM – Homburg, Germany

A week ago Friday when we arrived, we were informed Coleman might not survive the weekend – but miraculously he is still with us.

This is his current medical status. His breathing remains improved – however his lactate levels continue to rise which may indicate that the function of other organs (or all) are declining. His circulation / blood pressure is very problematic and still being maintained by vaso-active pharmaceuticals. His blood coagulation and bleeding are a constant battle. His liver is still in failure.

Lastly is his leukemia. While initially arrested, the doctors feel will return very rapidly.

The doctors absolutely do not know the cause of his liver failure. While I was writing this update, intending to explain again the need for the biopsy to aid in determining the cause, and to ask for prayer in this regard, the doctor came into the waiting room with the papers to sign to immediately set the wheels in motion to do the biopsy and to expedite the evaluation of the results which normally takes 6-7 days.

The oncologist is still with Coleman as we speak to determine if they should start a new, stronger round of chemotherapy or wait. The concern that the leukemia will return, may result in the oncologist suggesting a heavy dose of chemotherapy be started immediately. The problem with this is that the chemotherapy will further assault the liver – a Catch 22 situation.

Coleman is again at a critical juncture with time and odds against him by all medical standards, but yet again, here in this stark waiting room we experienced a miracle.

Please urgently pray for Coleman’s strength, pray for improvement in the areas we have listed above and please thank God for doctors with open minds and tenacity. The biopsy procedure is not without risk in itself – he must be transported (off life support temporarily), there is risk of infection, etc – but these pale when compared to the alternative.

Please pray for the procedure itself and the clarity of the results


  1. Coleman and family,
    Hang in there, it is all in God's hands.

  2. Praying now for the procedure!

  3. He's still in our hearts and prayers.

  4. Father, from head to toe, with Your Might hand of protection and love we humbly ask for Your protection of Coleman as he has these procedures done. Father fill up his body with whatever it needs to get through this, and may the doctors finally know without a doubt the path they need to take for Coleman's road to recovery. Father, we are coming boldly before Your throne asking all these things...knowing that we can do this Only because of what Your Son and our Saviour did on the cross for us. We praise You and Give You all the Glory!

  5. Continuing to pray! With God ALL things are possible! - Dustin Bailey

  6. Coleman - Keep fighting. We are all with you.

    Please continue to heal Coleman, be with the Hinkefent family during this time, bring comfort to them and let them know you have Coleman and will restore this great young man to health. Be with the doctors and encourage them to leave no stone unturned, no procedure/medicine unconsidered, help them have wisdom beyond their years and practice and provide a true miracle in front of everyone's eyes as you bring this great young man back to full health and home to all his family and friends. Thank you Lord for doing this and being the wonderful God you are.

  7. Lord, we find great comfort knowing You are there with Colemen. Please protect him during the biopsy procedure, and let the results come fast and let them be clear, opening new treatment options for his liver. We continue to pray that You would not only protect Coleman, but heal and restore his organs and body. With God, all things are possible.

  8. God has shown us all time and time again this week that even the smallest of miracles is and encouragement. While the multitude of us watches and waits to see what God has planned next, I can't help but think that while He is cradeling Coleman, He is refining all of us! Apparently, there are many miracles at work here. So many people on this site have said that they have never prayed before, or maybe even never believed before. As for myself, I don't know when "praying without ceasing" has ever really touched me like this fight Coleman and all of his family and friends have endured this past week. I have found a new "fire" in my heart, and for that I condider that a miracle in itself. As we watch and wait with aniticipation for the mighty hand of God, lets not forget just how many miracles we have seen this week! "Be still and know that I am God" keeps coming to mind. I am holding on to this promise!

    Coleman, we will not stop praying on your behalf. Through all of your suffering, you and your family have been such a testimony!!!

  9. The Woodward FamilyDecember 19, 2008 at 8:05 AM

    Coleman, we pray that it be Gods will for your healing and for comfort and peace for your family and Jordan and friends The Woodward Family

  10. Step by Step coleman......I am so proud of you. Your strength is amazing! Everyday you do such a good job. The Lord is there with you, he is keeping watch over you Coleman!!! How wonderful is it is see miracle after miracle, I continue to pray for you every minute...I pray for the new procedures, I pray for the doctors, and for Belinda and Eric! Keep going Coleman!!! -Lisa (Howell) Smith

  11. Father we are so thankful for every little piece of good news. We thank You for a medical staff that are fighting for the survival of this precious young man. We ask You to stay the return of the luekemia. We pray for successful tests and speedy results. And Father, we thank You for the measured of strength and hope You are giving Eric, Belinda, and the Hinkefent family. May they continue to experience the blessing of Your intimate care, for it is in Your Son's Name we pray.

  12. Coleman and family, We are in constant prayer for you. God is with you all the way. Brenda

  13. Dear Lord,
    You know my bestfriend so much better than I do. You know his sickness and the burden he carries. You also know his heart. Lord, I ask you to be with my him now, working in his life. Let your will be done in his life. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart and that it is powerful because of your promise. I have faith in you to heal Coleman, but I also trust in the plan you have for his life. Lord, I don't always understand your ways, and why he has to suffer, but I trust you. I ask that you look with mercy and grace toward my bestfriend. Nourish his spirit and soul in this time of suffering and comfort him with your presence. Let Coleman know you are there with him through this difficulty. And may you be glorified in his life,his family, friends, and also in mine.

    I love you.
    Not giving up faith or hope.
    Still by your side.
    Get better baby.


  14. hey buddy, your doing good
    thats so good to hear..
    keep fighting and staying strong
    no one is giving up!

    We love you!*
    love lindsay twitchell

  15. Dear Father, We praise you for all you are. We praise you for every miracle you have given us in Coleman's situation. We thank you for hearing our prayers even when we haven't had the right words to say. We ask for continued strength for Eric & Belinda and your miraculous healing for dear Coleman. In Jesus' name we pray. Jerry & Karen

  16. Eric, Belinda, and Coleman,
    While we cannot imagine what you all are experiencing, we know that the Lord knows all, understands all, and loves you more than we can even comprehend. We take comfort in knowing that He is in control, and continue to place our trust in Him for Coleman's healing and your comfort and courage.
    Psalm 32:7 You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance
    Psalm 32: 10b The Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him.
    We love you all.
    Keith and Alice

  17. Please know that I am praying for Coleman as well as Eric and Belinda. May God provide His strentgh and love during this most difficult time. Tom - Precept

  18. 8000 people from almost 2000 cities!!!
    A lot of people are praying buddy! Thats why I have so much faith!

    This girl I work with came over to me last night and said she took her grandma to church this weekend.. and that they told your story to the congregation and she realized it was my friend they were talking about! Their entire church prayed for your body to be healed, so Liberty Church in Tulsa is praying for you.. as well as Heritage United Methodist and Destiny Church and many others.

    You are our soldier!! You still have a long stretch ahead Coleman, but I'm never gonna lose faith in you. You can do all things. I've prayed and believed, and I will continue.

    I can't wait to see you.


  19. Heavenly father I come before you once more. I thank you for all you have done, and the miracles thus far. I thank you for the liver biopsy to be performed successfull and results that will be clear and meaningful to those who are treating Coleman, the blood presure to improve and stablize and mainly for his liver to function properly, the continued arrest of leukemia, and the reduction in lactate levels, his increased oxygen levels, and for strength and peace for Coleman and family. Our strength comes from you Lord. Our faith and hope is in you. We know with you all things are possible as your word says. It will not return to us void. We thank you for the every day with Coleman and look forward to him returning home to Oklahoma. We know his testimony will be used to reach others. We give you all the praise and glory Father. In the MIGHTY MIGHTY name of Jesus I PRAY.


  20. Coleman, Eric and Belinda,

    We are continually in prayer for you all. We are experiencing the power of God each and every day. Lord, please heal Coleman! Guide the medical personnel and technology through this day and this procedure. We will not worry, but we will seek you first, Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness. Thank you for all the answered prayers. In Jesus Name.

    Steve and Joy

  21. Good morning from Minnesota! I have a favor to ask. A little sweet boy named Cole fell ill and within 8 weeks, he went to be with our Lord. His parents have started Coles Foundation ( They have a really LARGE prayer chain which I've already put your Coleman on so we will have prayers across the WORLD! However, if we get your permission, Cole's foundation would like to have your Coleman "adopted" in prayer. In order to do that they ask that you email Sandy at to give your permission. This is a really, really neat foundation just praying for families in need. Coleman will get so much attention and prayers. The heavens will be stormed.
    God Bless your entire family! Jesus loves Coleman! This we know!
    Hold on to each other tightly and share your strength and faith and all Coleman's prayer warriors will be at work!!

  22. What a comfort to know that God loves us so deeply that He has given each of us an "open line" directly to Him whenever we need direction, comfort or strength. And His continuing promise to us is that He will answer our prayers! We are not giving up. You guys hang in there. - Bryan

  23. Heavenly Father, you awaken me at 5am and lay Coleman on my heart. We know it's only through Your intervention that Coleman is still here - You are answering our prayers. Lord, we continue to cry out to you for a Christmas miracle - for total healing for this young man. Please be with his doctors and nurses. Give them wisdom Father. You are the Great Physician. Creator. Healer. Restore him Lord God. Give him strength. Please continue to carry his family and give them Your peace. We ask this in the name above all names, Jesus Christ. Amen - a Mom

  24. When we don't know the answers, we cling to the One who knows all things. Holy, Omniscient God, we beseech You to reveal to the doctors what is wrong with Coleman. Strengthen Coleman's body for what lies ahead. You are the very air we breath, You are our oxygen, You give us life. Breathe Your breath of life through Coleman and give Him rest from His labor. Our hope is in You Lord. We praise Your name.

  25. Our family is praying for grace and life for Coleman and strength for you! John, Stephanie, kate, Olivia, David

  26. I am praying for your son and your family during this difficult time that He would give you wisdom with every decision to be made. And that His presence would be felt.

    A staff member at Precept

  27. Praying for you Coleman. I know the Lord can give you and your family strength for each moment of this. He loves you even more than your family loves you. May you know His grace in your lives each moment of this day and those to come.

  28. I completely believe that Coleman is gonna pull through I have my whole church praying and I know our school is....God is in control

    Love, Joslynn

  29. Father, thank so much for the answers you have given thus far. I pray for wisdom for the Drs. as they make these decisons for Coleman. I pray you stablize him so that the procedures can be done. I pray the results of the biospy will be clear and meaningful. I pray you strenghthen Eric and Belinda. I thank you for the impact this test has had on so many. In Jesus Precious Name.

  30. Coleman I am praying for you every day. Stay strong Coleman.

    Kristen Vermillion

  31. From one mother to another mother - I am praying for you...for Coleman. Our God is great and I know He alone will sustain you. Praying for a miracle.

    Rosemary Walch
    Precept Ministries

  32. We knew you would make it this far, just keep fighting and you will make it all the way out. It puts a smile on my face and tears in my eyes EVERYTIME i check this blog, seeing your small improvements and seeing how manys hundreds of people lives you have touched and we are all praying for you, STILL!! You have shown me that prayers really are answered and miracles really do happen, I knew you had it in you mr! Keep up the good work and I will see you soon, YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

    you've become many peoples hero, including mine.

    Hinkefant family and jordan - my thoughts and prayers are with you continuously every single day. hang in there, he WILL come home.

    i love you colemannnnn!!!

    -Lindsey Rodriguez

  33. Coleman, Its good to here that your even improving in small ways. You have been so strong through this. Belinda and Eric your love and compassion towards Coleman is none like I have seen before, It is truely awesome.I continue to talk to Emil on a daily basis and his love for Coleman and his strength through out this crucial time is also an insperation. God I pray that you help Coleman through this. Once again he has overcome more then the doctors expected.Please continue to stay with coleman and clean his body of this sickness, and please Godcomfort his family in this time of need Amen.

    Love to Coleman and the Hinkefent Family.

  34. "Call upon Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know!"

    Lord, we do call on You, and ask that You show the doctors great and mighty things which they do not yet know. Amen

  35. Father, we praise you for this week, for allowing this time for the doctors to work and theorize and attempt to use their vast knowledge to heal his body. I ask you again to make time stand still in Coleman's body, to maintain him long enough to provide the doctors time to do all necessary tests and get all the vital results so that they may confidently and effectively treat him. Father, the doctors do not know the cause of the liver failure but you do. Reveal the answers to them quickly.

    We have not forgotten the initial problem of the leukemia and we pray that its treatment does not interfere or cause further complications with the immediate problems of the liver, breathing and blood pressure.

    Father, thank you for providing such amazing doctors who are simply doing their job but doing it with such commitment. Comfort them and give them endurance and understanding as they treat Coleman. They had no idea what they were getting into when a Hinkefent was brought in their doors, but we all know that just like us, their lives will never be the same. Open the eyes of their hearts Lord as they witness this phenomenal act of faith by this family. Reveal yourself to them and may they see and understand your salvation offered so freely for them. Cause a revival in that hospital that spreads from the staff to their families to their community.

    We know that you put Coleman, Eric and Belinda in that place for a very specific reason and I pray that every part of your purpose is fulfilled.

    We plead again for Coleman's physical salvation and healing. We do not want him to suffer any longer, but if this is what it takes to turn people's hearts to you, I know that not one of us would try to interfere with your will.

    I pray for your awesome love and peace to wash over Belinda and Eric today. I thank you for the gentle care you have given them so far and am confident that you will continue to do it. We all love them so much and trust that you can make them know that.

    In Jesus' name,

    Belinda and Eric, I struggle with the inability to DO anything for you, but trust that this is the lesson I am to learn. I never stop praying for you and I can't seem to tear myself from this website. It's the first and the last thing I do each day. Thank you for being such strong examples of how we are to handle such difficult situations.

    Coleman, God has you in his hands and he will protect you each step of the way. Hold tight to him and cling to him when you are weak. His plan is perfect and he loves you so much more than you can imagine.


  36. Heavenly Father, we know that you are with Coleman during his time of great need as well as his family. We ask for you to keep you loving arms around him, his family, and his doctors. We pray that your will be done. We know that we don’t understand why, but help us understand and be patient as we pray for a miracle to happen. Amen

  37. I read above that God awakened someone in the middle of the night to pray for you, and recall reading a similar post a few days ago.

    He did the same with me last night..3:37 am.

    What a privilege it is to pray for you all, and to have the Lord of Hosts wake us from sleep in order to go before His throne on your behalf!

    I'd guess He's doing that with many, many people through this time.

    Love you all!

  38. God does not give this precious time to us if it is not in his will. There is a reason this young man is still here and we cannot lose sight of that. He has beaten so many odds already and will continue to do so until the doctors find out what's wrong. They're not giving up and neither are we! Belinda and Eric, you are going through this with him. You are wonderful parents and together through Christ you can move mountains. Keep up the unbelievable strength we all know you have!

    Continuing prayer,
    Skylar French & Family

  39. We continue to stand with you all in prayers. We praise the Lord for each of these miracles that allows Coleman to keep fighting for life. We thank Him for this precious time you are by his side. We know God already knows the future but He Hears our voices as we constantly request a miracle of complete healing!! May you feel yourselves in His Everlasting Arms. Pat

  40. cory and danielle kappleDecember 19, 2008 at 11:57 AM

    Coleman. You are such an inspiration to us. We have faith that God will continue answering the many prayers for you. You are going to have an amazing testimony to share when this is over! You keep hanging on and we will keep praying for you, your family, and Jordan. Don't give up! The Lord is faithful!

  41. Lord, be our Strength.
    In our weakness, You are Strong
    You give Beauty for ashes
    You breathe Life Everlasting
    You bring unfailing Mercy
    And speak Peace to the storm.

    Lord, be our Strength.

  42. Praying without ceasing for all concerned - doctors, technicans, nurses, parents, siblings, fiance, and most of all Coleman. Father, may the life of this young man count for eternity. May you restore him to bring your glory here on earth. Jan - Precept

  43. Eric, & Belinda....the Gasssaway family will continue to pray fervently and repeatedly for Coleman. We can only imagine how difficult it must be to endure this trial, but God has a perfect plan for Coleman. We will pray God will grant you all the strength to endure, along with the peace & comfort to trust Him through it all. We love you guys, and are thinking of you every waking minute!