Tuesday, December 16, 2008

7:30 PM Homburg, Germany

7:30 PM Homburg, Germany

Coleman is once again at a critical juncture and in urgent need of your prayers.

As the bleeding continues, the doctors have had to suspend the Activated Protein C treatment of his liver. As his liver continues to fail, the other organs are failing in turn - first his kidneys and now his lungs are injured and filling with fluid.

He is no longer getting enough air – the doctors are trying to drain, but due to lack of blood pressure they are struggling to achieve the results they desire. The doctors are doing everything they can but are again honest about the small probability of medical success.

Each day that Coleman lives is a miracle. We continue to beseech your fervent prayers on his behalf.


  1. Lord, we come boldly before your throne, asking for grace to help in time of need - we need YOur help now. Our desire is healing is restoration. And we praise You for hearign our cries. Please give a double portion of your comfort and mercy to Eric and Belinda as they watch. Please be with COleman and give him comfort. Amen

  2. Please Father, please pull him through. He has struggled so long and so hard. Please heal him and help him.

  3. Dear Eric and Belinda,
    Hold firm to the Rock that can't be moved and take refuge under the shelter of His mighty wings.
    Dear Coleman,
    We love you - so many standing in the gap for you - hold firm to God, and rest in Him.

  4. Colelman, Eric, and Belinda,
    We love you so, so much. Please hang on.

  5. Dear Coleman....we desire a miracle, as we've seen in your midst recently, praise God, but we also wish peace for you in this violent struggle. Father God please do your will here and prepare us all and Belinda Eric Emil and the girls most of all for whatever future you hold for Coleman in the coming hours. Please put your arms around Belinda and Eric as they face these difficult hours, wrap them up with love and comfort as only you can. I think of what Belinda has taught us all: You truly have solved our biggest problem, and insurmountable separation from you...You provided a Saviour...and becuase of this I know you know the answers here also. We know you are holding Coleman, father. Thank you.

  6. Dear family, I am technology impaired but Rob is trying diligently to instruct me over the phone how to get a message to you. I've already lost the message once. I have all of you on my mind constantly and pray over and over during the day for you all. Coleman, I have shared your story with believers I know outside our church for them to pray also. Eric and Belinda, I am amazed with your strength. I know God has special blessing for all of you for your faithful endurance through this monumental trial. I know your witness to those involved in Coleman's care will bear fruit. I love you all. Ann Lee

  7. God has his plans for everyone and everything,and we might not understand why things like this happen.It is all part of his plan.praying hard kaitlyn pulay

  8. Hey "Feet"...Hold in there you tough guy. Youre strong enough to do this man. Please man you gotta pull through.

    Spc Hall

  9. i am not a religious person, but i want him to know that my deepest sympathy's go out to him on this day of trial. And to the family, He gets his strength from you so STAY STRONG.

  10. God we pray for your power to enter Coleman and give him power over this evil. To stop the bleeding and drain the fliud from Colemans lungs. God please save this young sole. We need him.
    God, give Belinda and Eric the strenght to endure.
    In Your name we pray.
    Uncle Scott

  11. My little fighter,
    You're going to get through this!!! Show us how strong you can be!!! I'm thankful these doctors are taking such great care of you, thats what you deserve is the best. I pray to god they can safely do what they need to do to make you better and do it fast!! we all need youuu.
    It's amazing to see how many lives you have touched.. I thank god everyday for blessing me with such an amazing bestfriend. You always made me promise that i would stay strong no matter what my obstacles were in life. I'm staying strong for you and will be for as long as i need to!

    Now get better baby and prove to the world that you can fight this sickness!!!

    All my prayers and wishes are with you and the family.I love you guys so much, Your amazing.

    He needs you the MOST right now!

    <3. Twitch

  12. Coleman, Eric and Belinda,
    At this hour we are praying that you are able to rest in your faith. Your strong faith in God will pull you through this darkest time.

    Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on the; because he trusts in thee. Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.(Isa26:3-4)

    Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.(Matt. 11:28)

    All things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.(Matt. 21:22)

  13. Dear Heavenly Father,
    We come before you today with another huge request. Huge to us but small to you God, we know you can do all things.Please heal my brother and make him new again. Jesus be with my family right now. Give my wife confidence in you and strength to continue to support mom, dad, and i. be with my mom and dad help them to be courageous in the Lord and ALWAYS know that HE IS THERE. we love you Jesus and we pray thy will be done. please grant Coleman peace and allow his lungs to drain . Lord bring my lil bro back to the states so we can play beer pong on nintendo wii. Thank you for all your blessings. in Jesus name, Amen


  14. Father, hear your children as they call out to you in behalf of Coleman. Father, relieve your children who are in distress. Have mercy on Coleman, Eric, Belinda and their family.

    O Lord, grant yet another request and touch Coleman's body.

    Lord, send mercy and grace and strength.

  15. Father-
    We know you are in absolute control of Coleman's condition. We beseech you on his behalf. You are the God of the impossible. Let him make it through these circumstances to come proclaim your goodness and mercy. You are always good and merciful no matter what and we also pray for courage and strength as the family endures this difficult moment.

    It is in the Name of the One and Only we come before your throne.

  16. Father - You are able and we ask You to touch and bring Coleman through this

  17. Debbie Jordan says
    Coleman By Jesus stripes you are healed-- Liver you function as you should and every organ will have to obey by the NAME OF JESUS!!! YOU WILL BE AN OVER COMER AND YOU WILL TELL OTHERS OF GOD'S GOODNES TO YOU!!! WE TELL THE ENEMY OF DEATH TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF OF COLEMAN'S ORGAN'S. STOP IT NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! I refuse to allow the enemey called satan the Liar and theif to come against Coleman's body. Every Kidney and liver will have to work and now is the command by the name of Jesus!! We give the Lord all glory and praise for what he has done is continuing to do- Belinda read scriptures of healing and Miracles to Coleman such as the woman with the issue of blood- she said if I can only touch the hem os his garment I will be healed!!! And the centruion of how he said I have men under me and I have great authority my servant is home sick just as Coleman is in Germany I speak and the healing will come !!! And as the centerion left his servant was immeidately healed so Immediately Coleman you have to be healed not by my authority but by the name of Jesus of whom I serve!!!! Coleman will be coming home and very soon healed by the power of God almighty!!!
    Hugs and Love
    Debbie Jordan

  18. Lord I pray that you continue to give Eric and Belinda the strength to stand strong by Colemans side and give them and Coleman the comfort and for them to feel your presence in that hopsital. I pray they feel you just holding their precious son and for them to know deep inside that you are with them through this struggle. We know that only YOU know Colemans future but we pray so desperately that it is here with us, back at home! You have done so much, and have braught him so far, and we ask for you to bring Coleman back to the healthy, energetic, loving person he has always been. In your name we pray, Amen

    Hang in there Coleman!! we all know how stubborn you can be =] u WILL win this battle, we have faith and continue to pray throughout the day. You are such an amazing person and have touched SOoOOoo many people including me! You have taught me to live life as if every day were the last, to forgive, and to love like i have never loved before and i thank you so much for that. You will come home and marry that beautiful fiancee' of yours!

    Love your sister Heather

  19. I am praying for you guys-for God to give you strength during this trial and for God to heal Coleman's body. Feel the prayer support when you feel weak. Know that people you don't know and will probably never meet are praying. At any given time, prayers for Coleman are being raised along with your own.

  20. Father, we have come to you so often in recent days. We come before you yet again, we come boldly and we come loud. FATHER, HEAR OUR CRIES! You are the healer and the physician. Do your mighty work in Coleman's body right now. We plead with you to set his liver, kidneys, lungs and blood pressure right so that the doctors can perform their tests. We plead with you to give Eric and Belinda just a little more time. We will ask again and again and again.

    We submit to your will in all things and we trust in your plan. Father, you know our hearts and our desires. Hear our cries for Coleman.

    Father, put your loving arms around Eric and Belinda. Be careful with their hearts and give them the strength, endurance and peace to stand in these circumstances. We know that you never give us more than we can handle and we thank you that you have prepared them for this moment.

    Father, bring peace to Emil. Give him the ability to rest while he is not able to be where he wants to be. Wash your love over him and make him know that even far away, his precious brother can feel his love. Make him know that his parents are so proud of him. Make him to know your mighty love and allow him to share that with the people around him.

    Father, bring peace to Jordan and Heather. Let them find comfort in you and rest in the knowledge that you are in control. You are the great comforter and you love and cherish them more than anyone could. Make them feel you love and peace wash over them like a mighty river.

    Father, protect Erica and Haley. Things are happening around them that they do not understand. Preserve their young hearts and allow this situation to teach them about faith and dependence on you.

    Father, thank you so much for the entire extended Hinkefent family. You have prepared this family in such a way that in the midst of heartache, they have not lost sight of you and proclaim your might to the nations. What a mighty God we serve.

    We seek your will and ask boldy for the physical salvation of our brother Coleman.

    In your Son's holy name,

  21. Lord, words fail us, so please accept this prayer as we speak with each breath Coleman takes your name, Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Lord, allow your Spirit to speak on our behalf and petition the Father to be mericful on this family.

  22. heavenly father we come to you now as we have so many times before. We thank you for all that you have done. We are praying for healing to Coleman's body and and especially to his organs. Your word tells us that if we ask it shall be done in Jesus name. We are bound by your word father. i declare that your angels are in charge over Coleman and have the power to accompany and defend him and heal him from all evil. Lord you are our refuge and fortress. You are our glory. Please show grace upon on us are we are believing for a miracle here. We promise to give you all the glory. The enemy is now silenced he has no hold on Coleman.


  23. Belinda, God is not through showing you His Mercy and Grace. He hasn't even begun to show you the power that belongs to Him and to Him alone. He will be glorified in this! As your sister in Christ I will stand on your behalf testifing to this omnipotent love. Hebrews 12 speaks of the cloud of witnesses. Let those women of the Bible speak to you now and strengthen you as they testify to how the Lord brought them through their heart renching pain they felt at the suffering of their sons. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith... so that we will not grow weary nor lose heart. You can do this B!
    I love you very much-Becky

  24. Father of Heaven, God and Creator of the Universe. You have Coleman kept secure in Your loving hands. Surround him with people who will be encouraged by his testimony. Keep his family focused on You, the Rock who is higher than they. Let not their hearts be discouraged, but filled to overflowing with Your fullness. In Jesus Name, Amen

  25. To someone who said they were not a religious person, none of us are either, we have our faith and receive OUR strength from God the Father and His precious Son Jesus Christ who was nailed to a cross, took on all SIN Past Present and future, gavwe up His Spirit to Heaven His Father His body was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb but on the third day was NOT found in the tomb, the stone that was sealed from the outside was moved and Our Wonderful Lord and Savior was no longer held by the grave. It is so easy to get your name in the Book of Life God the Father writes in, 1.Confess your sins to GOD the Father 2.Believe that Christ Jesus is the only Son of God. You don't have to give anyone money or even your 1st born child, just a bit a "religious" humor.Sometimes some religions always throw in silliness to "seal" your salvation Belinda, Eric and Coleman as well as all of his church family, friends family, heck I remember him in 2 inch long Weeboks, just his first trip to church, such a precious kid. Coleman I will not ever stop praying and hold tight to the Lord and rest in the arms of our wonderful Saviour. I can't remember a day I didn't know your Belinda, and I wish all it took was pink Snowballs and Diet Coke in the bushes, I love you darlin' and Eric and I am still holding your seet boy Coleman up in prayer. Teresa Sirmon

  26. God PLEASE be with Coleman and the doctors right now. I pray you bring healing to his body and a sign of his strength. He has been fighting this battle hard, I pray You bring him through. I know You are with him now God. Be with his parents now as they sit and hear this news. I pray You keep them strong and let them feel your presence. Please Jesus, bring them comfort and peace. I pray You are with his family here as they can not be with him physically. God I just lift up Your name and cry out for Your healing over Coleman! Be with him now, and bring him back home. It's shown here he is wanted so badly, please bring him home.

    In Your heavenly name, AMEN.

    Coleman, we all love you and your story is touching so many lives right now, and I feel God is reaching so many lives through this. I find it pretty amazing it is over one person. But you are simply amazing and I am praying continuously. You and your family are in my heart 24/7 right now. Keep fighting. You will beat this!!!


  27. Coleman, we as a family feel so blessed and honored that you entered our lives through Jordan. We can now more clearly understand why you are such a good and outstanding individual, after reading the many comments on this site and seeing the unlrelentles efforts of your parents, brother, and sister-in-law. We now realize that you could not have became nothing less than the amazing young man that you are.
    We pray for peace and healing for you and your family.

    Mike Woodward

  28. Prayers for Coleman and his family are going up to the Throne Room of Grace.

    Kathy Patterson

    Jerimiah 1:5
    "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you;