Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3 PM Homburg, Germany

3 PM Homburg, Germany

As of 11:45 AM today, Coleman was "stable" in general but his lungs continue to be unstable and a great concern. His bleeding was somewhat improved and there is discussion of resuming the Activated Protein C therapy this evening. Furthermore the doctors are doing additional imaging to deterine if there is any improvement in the VOD from therapy that was administered prior to his bleeding problem.

Please bear in mind that "stable" is a misleading term, but the best available. Stable in this context should be read to mean that Coleman is maintained by a series of extreme drugs and devices (ventilator/dialysis/etc) that allow him to live. Liver failure is progressive and like a series of dominos going in many directions but all with a common origin, Coleman's body is beset by many competing attacks simultaneously. This is further complicated by his leukemia, which by most estimates appears to be incidental to the liver failure. The first domino is what caused his liver to fail and is unknown - a toxin of some sort most likely - almost definitely not leukemia. The second domino is the liver failure itself (technically VOD) and from this domino many paths branch out and intertwine. The path causing his breathing difficulty is "capillary leakage" - fluid build up throughout his body, especially around and in his lungs.

A liver biopsy (which can be done through his veins in his case) may point out a root cause and point to treatment options. Furthermore, there is promising experimental therapy for VOD should the Activated Protein C fail - but there are German (and proably US) barriers to getting this substance in the first place and then in a form that he can tolerate (intervenous).

We pray that there is good news regarding some improvement in the VOD - if his liver would begin to function properly, many of the dominos would slow or stop where they are.

His enemy continues to be time.

Thank you for your continued fervent prayer on his behalf.


  1. Our prayers will not cease. Lord, we will not stop coming to You.

  2. Coleman is always in our thoughts and prayers. We will not give up hope. We know Coleman is strong and his faith is stronger.

    Pam, Andy, Stephanie and Steven

  3. We praise you, Father, for another day. We continue to ask healing for Coleman and strength for Eric & Belinda.
    Karen & Jerry

  4. Be strong. The Lord obviously has His hand in all of this.

  5. "In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God." Romans 8:26-27

    As each of us prays for you, the Holy Spirit is praying on our behalf. What a comfort to know that He is when words give way to grief. How great is our God!!! We are still "on our knees" for your amazing son.

  6. Dear Coleman,
    Strong Warrior - fight on, the battle is not over yet. We all stand at your side knowing that the Life Giver stands with us.


  8. Belinda and Eric...the girls had such a great night last night and we hung out with Emil and Heather for a while at Marilyn's. He is continuing to amaze us all with his strength and maturity. Although I'm sure it is a cup he would have removed from him if possible, he is bearing the weight of being nurturing Grandson, mighty and tickling big brother, snuggling and protecting husband, and dutiful and respectful son. It is truly amazing to see the job you have done with him and the work God has done on this once so fagile young man. Coleman, you would be so proud of your big brother and sister-in-law...and we continue to be so proud of you. Father God, lead these courageous and wonderful doctors. Thanks you for so many answered prayers and so may precious moments thus far with your precious child, Coleman. Please give us more time with his contagious smile. If it is your will and in Jesus name.

  9. We love you and are encompassing you with prayer.
    Roger and Sally

  10. Lord, hear our prayers...

  11. Father, listen to the prayers of your children this day and grant grace upon grace.

  12. I am a Precept Leader in Orlando, Florida, and I have Multiple Myeloma, which is treatable, but has no cure. It is a blood cancer as well, but it attacks the plasma cells. They removed a tumor on my T-10, a thoracic vertebrae, and given a less than 1% chance of ever walking again. That was April 30th. I am walking, driving, and living!!! God does perform miracles and I know He can heal Coleman. Only our God Can, and that is what I am praying for Coleman. Coleman, know that God is in control and has a purpose in all of this, though sometimes we cannot understand. He is sovereign and there is such peace in that.
    Praying in Orlando,
    Jenny Goins

  13. I won't stop praying and I won't give up hope.

    Lord - Thank you so much for another day. Please continue to be with Coleman and Coleman's family and friends.

    Coleman - I love you and miss you more. Nothing and no one will ever compare to you and I can't wait to see you again. Keep fighting this baby.


  14. Debbie Jordan
    we still believe that this will be a healing and miracle that only God will get the glory!!!
    Just as the 10 lepers were healed we will come and say thank-you in advance for Coleman's healing and the miracle that cause nations to give God glory and praise!!
    God is a good good God and he defeated the devil and he'll do it again this time on Coleman's behalf!!!
    Hugs and Love
    Don Debbie and Matt Jordan

  15. Coleman,
    My faith and hope for you still remains.
    You have overcome so much this week, DON'T stop now!

    Keep fighting.
    I love youu.

    <3. Twitch

  16. When the soles of the feet of the priests, shall rest in the Jordan. Joshua 3:13 (R. V.)

    The floods of the Jordan were high: so may be the floods of trial and sorrow that sometimes overflow their banks; so the floods of conviction of sin; and so, to some at least, the waters of death. Possibly this overflowing is needed for the time of harvest; the width of golden grain in the Jordan valley was no doubt to a large extent dependent on the far-spreading of those waters. How the heart trembles, as we hear the gurgling and rushing of the floods. Hark, how they lift up their voice!

    But when the priest's foot touches them, they shrink away. Jesus has stepped down into these floods as our High Priest. In Gethsemane their overflowing tide washed around Him. At Calvary the water-spouts went over His head. In the grave He seemed momentarily to have succumbed. But since then they have been cut off. Through the ages He has stood, bearing the ark of propitiation, and arresting the tumultuous floods. "Thus far, and no further."

    Sinful soul, deeply convicted, "Look for the Priest," on whose person the storm broke, and by whom it has been checked and stayed! Tried believer, be sure that the water-floods cannot pass Jesus, to reach or drown thee! His promise to thee is: "When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee" (Isa 42:2). And when death approaches thee, O fearful and trembling one, thou wilt find Jesus standing between thee and its might, making a path by which thou shalt pass over dry-shod.
    --F. B. Meyer

  17. Father, you have made the sun stand still before in order to fulfill your plan. We ask that as time is Coleman's enemy, that you make time stand still for him. Give the doctors insight into what is the cause of his liver failure. Make his body stable enough to perform the biopsy and then make his body acceptable for the treatment. Brush away any obstacles that may try to stand in the way of getting the treatment to him. Father, you can do all of these things in an instant. You know the timeline and you know when things need to be done. Our feeble minds cannot grasp your plan and we do not know your timeline. We trust that your perfect will we be put into place at the perfect time. Let us rest in you, that we are not on our time, but on yours.

    We hold fast to your promises and we praise you for your might, mercy and love. May your name be glorified across the nations. May even one person come to know you and your gift of salvation through this turbulent storm.

    In Jesus' name,

  18. My heart is aching for all of you, but I know we serve a loving and grace-filled God. My prayers will not cease. - Tracy