Friday, December 12, 2008

Location Correction

Coleman is at the HOMBURG UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (not Hamburg as was originally reported which is a couple of hours away from Homburg).


  1. Hi name is SGT Nemier, i was a mechanic for henki and the rest of his platoon. If someone could read this to him for me, i hope you are all right and my prayers are with you. You are an outstanding soldier and a good friend. We will continue to drive on and hold our head up hi for people like you and the rest of our wounded brothers in arms. I will miss you and i now you will pull through not only cause you are a fighter but you are a great person. This one is for you brother.

    SGT Christopher Nemier
    Aco 1/6 Inf

  2. We continue to pray for Coleman. We are keeping the whole family in our prayers. Be strong and don't give up. Bob and Terry Smith

  3. I will never forget. You. Coleman you were the best god bless u I won't forget you