Sunday, December 14, 2008

Update from Eric

2:30 PM, Homburg, Germany - Coleman’s liver is non-responsive, in fact all tests indicate getting worse; there is a great deal of edema and blood has stopped flowing into the liver properly, reducing the chances of recovery. As a result of the liver malfunction, fluid has built up in his abdomen, increasing pressure on the lungs and in the area around the lungs.The doctors conferred with the surgical staff and hematologist and all agree that surgery of any type is not an option.

The threefold problem of the Leukemia, Liver failure and now the administration of a last resort compound, Activated Protein C, make any type of incision impossible as he would not stop bleeding. The drug has a greater than 90% mortality rate, but the doctors all agree, as do I, that it is our best and only medical hope at this time.

The greatest risk is that the liver failure will progress too fast causing other problems including the failure of other organs, before the Activated Protein C has a chance to achieve results. The doctors are not giving up, they are frank with us, but believe there is a shot due to his youth and strength.

Please continue to pray, Coleman is making one final dash over the next couple of days. Thank you for standing with him and for your continuous prayers.


  1. Lord today as many, many believers lift up coleman we pray that you show us your almighty power, we know you have and will continue to do great things for each and everyone but these are very desperate times and we are pleading that you refresh and have an overcoming of grace pour over coleman, make him new and heal his precious body. Make this last medical procedure be THE ONE to renue him! If it is your will to take coleman from this wonderous life i pray that you give us all the ability to have strength to get through these troubled times. I pray for those who dont know you God, that this may open eyes and bring them close to you, as all of Colemans loved ones join today in one prayer. Lord Comfort Belinda and Eric as this may be the hardest time of their lives make them strong as whatever happens is Gods will. Give them the endurance to STAY strong as they stand by his side and wait so helplessly. Lord thank you for giving me strength to continuously comfort emil as well as everyone else. Thank you for all that you have given us already Lord. In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy ghost, Amen.

    We love you so much Coleman, hang in there lil buddy!

  2. As I think about the hundreds of thousands who are sick, injured or dying today and the billions who've gone before ...I reflect on the fact that each had family and friends like us who suffer for them and for each others pain just as we do for Coleman and each other ... I can't help wondering if all that is terrible and wonderful in our lives is just God's way of teaching us a higher dimension of loving and caring by putting us through higher dimensions of heartbreak and joy.

    My Grandson Coleman has brought joy beyond measure into my life, and this terrible sickness has brought a new dimension of pain ... but Eric, Belinda, and Emil's strength and love, coupled with the response of our family, friends and even strangers, has been a wonderful affirmation of the values Jesus taught and of God's love.

    I thank God for Coleman, and for each of you.

    Coleman's grandpa Bob

  3. Sometimes I want to yell "Wake up!" Sometimes I want to scream "Why?" Mostly the pain shows in my tears. Sometimes the only prayer that can be offered through the tears is "Please, Lord, Please." Sometimes it is more eloquent.

    "Please give Coleman strength, when he has none left of his own. Please help him to fight, Lord. Please touch his liver and make it healthy. Please heal him. Please bless us all with this miracle.

    "Please wrap your comforting arms around Eric and Belinda. You know their pain better than we do. Be with them, as we cannot. I do not ask these things as one who has nothing, but as one who is also Your child. I ask boldly of Your throne of grace a miracle for this family, for all of us.

    "I plead with You, not because I do not believe You can, but because I know that if You will, it will be done. I ask that this miracle of health for Coleman be Your will, Lord.


    It is my prayer that Emil would find comfort, kiddo I know you want to be over there with them. Be at peace. "Be still, and know that I am God." Patience is a virtue hard-learned.

    Jordan, you know my heart breaks for you. You know, better than anyone, just how much my heart breaks for you. May the Lord grant you a measure of comfort and peace while you also walk through the valley of the shadow of death. He is walking with you. Let Him carry you if you cannot go on on your own.

    Love to you all.

  4. Father God,
    We continue to pray that you would touch Coleman's liver, knowing You alone are the Gentle Healer. May we be amazed at your power, love and compassion, as we have already seen it expressed through the countless prayers from faithful friends and family.
    We cannot understand all that is happening, but we know and trust that You understand it all and can provide Eric, Belinda and Coleman exactly what they need to get throught this.
    Please fill in the gaping holes that exist because of the distance. Our families hearts ache that we cannot be there to bring comfort, and yet You, God, can fill in those holes with your presence - may they sense it now.

    To all who have been praying - this means more to my family and to Belinda's family than you will every know. Thank you.

    Mary Ann (Hinkefent) O'dell

  5. Continually praying for miraculous healing and peace within the midst of the storm. We are claiming His promise that His Grace is sufficient. We all wish we could be there to help you bear this burden, but know that we are indeed there in spirit. Luv u all.
    Ann Shelton

  6. Eric, Belinda, Coleman, and family,

    Please know that our family is in constant prayer for Coleman, each of you and your family. We continue to pray for a god's touch this morning. Belinda, Erin specifically thinks of you at this time, the strength you have and need, and what you meant to her. Please accept this hug from her.

    The McMahon family.

  7. I was Coleman's principal when he was at Summit. (I'm also Derek Drake's aunt) I love that kid! I just happen to be looking at a picture of Coleman and Derek in science class last Friday as my sister and I talked about what a great kid Coleman is and how much fun he was when he was in school with us. (We had no idea what was going on-kind of neat how God puts people in your mind when they need your thoughts and prayers.) Coleman is one of the neatest kids I'll ever meet! I actually ran into him at Walmart about a year ago and got a hug from him! He told me he was in the army; I was so proud of him. He really develooped into a great young man! And I'm so happy he found the love of his life and is engaged!

    I am believing with you for his COMPLETE AND FULL HEALING! God is so awesome! Eric, Belinda and Jordan (and family): I'm praying that you constantly feel God's presence and strength!

    Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    Love you all!
    Pam Jones

  8. Belinda, Eric and Hinkefent family: as much as you love Coleman, you know that His heavenly Father loves each of you even more. I have no words--but I am thankful that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us before the throne of grace. If love for you and your son were all that was required for Coleman to stand up from that bed, it would have happened already. We do not understand but God asks us only to trust Him and I know you do. Your Christian family around the globe is with you. Love,

  9. dan and becky denhamDecember 14, 2008 at 11:05 AM

    We continue to pray for Coleman, family, friends, and doctors. We ask God to place Coleman in His complete comfort and care and know that it is now up to Him to deliver Coleman according to His will. There is a great cloud of witnesses, angels, who are also attending this event. God's glory is being shown in all our love and prayers. We ask the Father to hear our prayers through the advocacy of Jesus Christ our Lord and through the intercession of the Holy Spirit. We pray that He will reveal to us His will and good pleasure in this trial even as we pray that He not take Coleman from us. To God be all glory, majesty, dominion, and power, now and forevermore.

  10. I haven't seen Coleman for years, but I remember going swimming in the summers with him and his brother, my sister Brandy and Kate and Jacque Kurtz (Becker), in Tulsa. I'll be praying for Coleman's healing and God's comfort and strength for his friends and family.

    Danielle Donelson

  11. I'm the uncle of Andrew's girlfriend. My family are all praying for Coleman. We are from southeast Ohio.

    I myself was given no chance at all of living with the cancer they found in me. They gave me 6 months to live at most. That was 19 years ago last October. These things are always in God's hands. He gave us all life and he can sustain it as long as He wishes. I have nothing but praise for God and my prayers now are for Coleman. Miracles do happen. I'm living proof of that. So please don't give up hope. God is able.

  12. As I was sitting in church this morning I could not get you all of my mind. Tears fell from my face as I thought about the boy I grew up with, the woman who is and has been a mom, friend, and mentor to me, and the family that has taken me in and made me one of their own since I was a little girl. I want you to know we are all fighting in desperation to our loving Father that he would give you peace, comfort, and love through this horrible situation. My heart aches with you and for you. But right now I pray that you all would sense the healing power of our Almighty Father who performs miracles for those that love him. I pray that Jesus comes to Belinda, Eric, Coleman, Jordan, and the rest of the Hinkefent family in a new way that touches your mind, heart, and spirit. Do not give up on our Father. Your faith and trust in him is tested more than ever right now. Lean on him like never before. Belinda, you have always told me that all we can do is pray and trust God and let him do his part. Right now you are living that out in one of the most traumatic and difficult times. I believe and receive healing right now not only physically but emotionally for everyone involved. Jesus said "by his stripes we are healed" and I believe that for Coleman. I love you all so much and would not be who I am today without you. Thank you for the impact you all have had on our lives and continue to have. Your strength and hope is such an example of our Father living in and through you guys. Keep on fighting!

    Sending my love, QA (Amy)

  13. im still praying coleman.
    && wont give up hope.
    i know your strong.
    hang in there boy!!

    <3. kayti lane.

  14. I'm an Army wife in Phoenix, AZ. My husband is in Iraq right now. I'm praying!! My heart carries a special place for all soldiers. Praying for healing and miracles.

  15. Dear ones: Please know that we in your OKC church family have been diligently in prayer for all of you. You are never far from our thoughts.

    Father, please wrap Coleman and his family in Your strong and mighty hands. Let them sense Your touch during this time in a personal and mighty way. You, alone, are inded the God of all Comfort. You, alone, are the Great Physician. You, alone, are the One who holds tomorrow in His hands.

    Please touch Coleman with Your healing hand in such a way that all will know that You and You alone are the Healer. Please Lord..

    In His hands,
    Drue and Helen Freeman

  16. Eric and Belinda,

    You, Coleman and the whole family are in my prayers. I have been thinking about you and send my best wishes and warmest thought your way.

    Brad Rosenthal

  17. Coleman I'm not giving up faith!
    I believe in you. Your my bestfriend and i need you, we ALL need youuu. We all know how are strong you are and how your going to prove to the world that your the biggest fighter there is. Your in my prayers, and my best wishes are all to you!

    i love you.
    <3. Twitch

  18. My name is Andrew and I found your story because my brother went to school with Coleman. Know that we are praying for you and your family.

  19. I just want to say that my family and i are praying constantly for coleman and his family. we all love him and are praying so hard for him!

    - Joy

  20. im still praying for you coleman.
    hang in there,youre a very strong person.
    not giving up hope. i have faith in you that you can pull through this and not give up.
    you have alot of people out there who care alot about you especially your family and your fiance. and your friends.

  21. I worked with Jordan for several months over the summer, you are your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. I work with Debbie Woodward and I know she loves Coleman just like a son. I feel like I know Coleman as I have heard so many wonderful things about him. I can't imagine how you Belinda, Eric, Emil & Jordan must feel in this horrible situation. I will continue praying for Coleman, the entire Hinkefent family and for Debbie, Mike & Jordan. My son, Mason Flores is in the Air Force & is in Kyrgyztan. He calls me daily to check on Coleman. This site is a great way to stay updated. Stay strong & know that there are so many people praying for all of you. Jamie Flores

  23. Praying in Harrah, OK, for Coleman, his family and his medical team. God's blessings to all.

  24. hey man!!! you have been on my mind 24/7 since i heard about you getting sick... ive been praying for you buddy... you better pull through!!! i love you man! ill see you when you come home because i know that you will be here soon!!!!!!

    - Taylor Adney