Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Urgent – 8 PM

Urgent – 8 PM

The Doctor has just informed us that Coleman’s condition with regard to breathing has deteriorated throughout the day and he does not expect him to survive the night. His lungs continue to be damaged by capillary leakage (fluid) and no longer are properly diffusing the oxygen into his blood.

He is on 100% oxygen – the highest level available; the machine is set at a 2/1 breathing pattern – again the highest available – but still Coleman has inadequate oxygen his blood.

The doctor said clearly that the limits of modern medicine have been exhausted. Our instructions remain – do not give up on this boy. The one positive note from the doctor is that Coleman is young – but all are clear - his body must respond now.

We ask that you please continue to stand with Coleman and pray that he can take one more hill.


  1. Lord, please hold Coleman and help his body respond. I'm not giving up any hope on your C-Man. Keep hanging in there. Love you little buddy.

  2. coleman!

    buddy we need you here. i'm praying God will work a miracle. keep on fighting. i kno u can do it. anything can be done with God on your side. we love you man. you can make it.

  3. please God help Coleman win this battle!! We wont give up faith we know only YOU can heal him and make him whole now we just beg you to do so!!!! Please GOD give us a miracle!

  4. C'mon Coleman! Hang on kid. I know you have the strength to get through this. You just absolutely can't give up, we're not giving up on you EVER! You've been beating the odds all week, don't let the odds beat you. We're all praying for you.

    The Kucharski's

  5. Lord please help coleman overcome this, let him make it through the night and heal his body. So many people are praying so hard for this boy, we need him. We need a miracle and we pray that you will put a miracle in Coleman's life. Amen

    Coleman - I love you more than I could ever explain to you. Don't give up.


  6. Lord I coming to you for Coleman. Lord hs is such an amazing person. I pray for your healing hand to be upon Coleman, we know that only you can do this, we know Lord this is part of your perfect plan Lord, please be with Belinda and Eric and the rest of the family. Lord, I pray that Your will be done. I pray that no matter what we know that you have perfect timing, in Your Son's most precious name, Amen

    I am praying for you Coleman!!!

  7. Lord, please be with Coleman through the day. Let him prove the doctors wrong again by staying with us another day.

    Coleman, don't give up. Keep fighting. You're doing so good on continuing this battle, do not give up!

    we love you!

    I refuse to recieve that the doctors don't expect you to make it through the night.
    I know better than that, you have proven them wrong everyday and will continue.

    PLEASE be with Coleman as he is in major need of you right now, I know you can heal him and make him better. I know you have a miracle for this boy. Now lets see it happen...

    Coleman, Stay strong baby!
    We all NEED you, Keeping fighting.
    I'm still praying, not giving up faith or hope.
    I love you bestfriend.

    God please be with Coleman, His family, & Friends.. We all need you.

    <3. Twitch

  9. Lord Father, I asked that your presence be felt at this moment. Although we are separated by countries, time zones do not exist in your presence. Please father, I ask your will be done and if it is to be that Coleman's journey remains here with his friends and family...I beg mercy and healing. If it is to be that his journey takes him home to you...I beg your comfort and peace upon those to care so much for him.
    I trust that a fellow serviceman Joe, has been with you Coleman all along as he knows too well, what you are experiencing. I know he is there to root you on whether it that you stay...or go home to the arms of Jesus. are obviously a fighter. A warrior. A proud soldier. Stay in the race Coleman. Stay in the race.
    Stacy Pleasant, Tulsa, OK

  10. Ann, Sara and I just were together and had the chance to prayer together for all of you. We ask, Father, for you to provide the peace that passes all understanding to Eric and Belinda as they continue to trust you for every breath. Father, we desire your will and we trust your love for Coleman and the family above all. Let them know how much we love them. Laura Elmore

  11. If 2 or more are joined in prayer what we ask will be done....Lord there are thousands joined. So i know Coleman will make it through! We will continue to pray throughout the night/days 2 come that you will give Coleman a break and heal him instantly, we all know how tired that little body of his is but he continues to fight.PLEASE God spare his body! Spare thousands the heartbreak and just make Coleman new give us this miracle. In your name we pray.

  12. we are praying for coleman and the whole family, brenda

  13. Lord, we beseech You to use Your Mighty Power to heal Coleman. Please make this a miracle most clear to all. Lord, help Coleman to stay the course and win this fight! Help Belinda and Eric to stay the course! Help Emil to continue strong in his faith! Help Jordan to live each moment in Your peaceful presence! We pray, Oh Lord, that You will grant us the mercy of deliverance from this illness for Coleman and return him to us strong and healthy. In Your Precious Son's name...

  14. You have been in our thoughts every minute of the day...please continue to fight and stay strong.

    with love, positive thoughts and many prayers
    Ike and Jessica Anderson

    A CO 1-6 INF
    Baumholder, Germany

  15. Dear Lord we ask that you give Colemans body the ability to respond immediately. Give him the strength 2 pull through this.

    Through God all things are possible and we have faith in that Lord. WE WILL pray WITHOUT ceasing until Coleman is well again. I ask that you grant us this possible miracle.

  16. Coleman, we are praying for healing and peace for you ,your family,Jordan and your many friends you have touched lives of people you have never met dont give up

  17. "Feet" come on man. Fight this. I'm still praying, and you know i dont do that often. Hold on man. Please youve gotta hold on man. I love you Brother.

    Spc Hall

  18. Dear Lord, you gave Coleman the breath of life years ago,,, please, as I pray for your will to be done, may it include another breath of life.. now. We love him.. Suzy

  19. Sweet Coleman,

    I love you dearly and am not giving up on you. Hang in there and continue the fight. You have the most wonderful and amazing leader carrying you on his back!! We are praying with out ceasing for your full recovery. One breath at a time my man.


    no one has given up on you, the world is on your side babyyy

    -lindsey rodriguez

  21. danielle and cory kappleDecember 17, 2008 at 2:48 PM

    coleman, you have come so much farther than they told you that you could. Prove them wrong again! we all know you can. We will continue praying for your strength, healing and full recovery. you have proved that you have it in ya. Keep fighting.

  22. coleman, stay strong bud. we know you wont give up and all of us here aren't giving up on you.

    we pray for you night and day and ask God for a miracle and we know that it will be fulfilled.

    stay strong and dont worry God is with you always! love you bud.
    A.J. Hawkins

  23. We're praying for a miracle for you Coleman. I was just on the phone with your
    Aunt Mary Ann and we got to pray together, and in her prayer she said, "We are talking to God. The Almighty God!"

    You rest in the most perfect of hands, Coleman.

    We love you all and will continue to pray!

  24. With God all things are possible.

    ~ a friend

  25. Adding my prayers to all the others.
    Lord, we plead your healing for this young man's body.
    We need a Christmas miracle Lord.
    Father God, you know a parent's heart. Please heal your child.
    Whatever the outcome Father, we know Coleman and his family are in your hands - the very safest place to be.
    We praise you Lord.

  26. Thank you Coleman for all the things that you have done for your country. Now it is time for your country to do something for you. Many people around the country have heard of your situation and we are asking God for a miracle. We are praying for you daily.

    God bless,
    A fellow American

  27. Cool-Man keep the faith and continue to run the race to win. Lord, please give us a miracle! We are faced with what looks like darkness, but it's always darkest before the dawn. You are the Light of the world!

    Steve and Joy

  28. Lord I beseech you to intervene once again and help Coleman over this hurdle, hold him in your healing hands and strike the fluid buildup out of his body, allow him to remain with us, he still has many lives to touch, he has opened so many hearts in Your Name, please allow him to continue opening those hearts here on earth.
    Coleman, please don't give up the fight,keep fighting, keep fighting. We love you.

    Debbie Woodward

  29. Coleman, Eric, and Belinda,

    We are praying for all of you and have been since the moment we heard. Coleman, you are stong, stay strong!

    God, please send an army of angels to watch over this family!

    We are with you,
    Gary and Karin Huff

  30. I do not know you guys but I have a friend that is fighting the war overseas. He told me about the situation and I want you to know that although you do not know me, we are bound together through Christ as brothers and sisters. Today you are in need and tomorrow I may be in need. We are all here for each other. I pray God's love will wrap each one of you and strengthen you for the road ahead. Love and prayers.

  31. Dear God, if You've been waiting until Coleman's situation was so dire that noone could question that his healing was a miracle gift from You ... it seems that time has arrived.

    Do it Lord! We pray You'll do it now so we can sing Your praises!!


  32. Chuck &amp; Della MagnetDecember 17, 2008 at 3:06 PM

    We are praying for Coleman everyday, all day. We are believing for complete healing. Let it be so Lord Jesus. Come and touch Coleman's body and restore everything that has been stolen away. Surprise the doctors and medical staff with your power and your love. Let heaven come down and invade Coleman's room. We give you all praise and honor.

  33. I prayed for you,i really hope a miracle happends!

  34. I asked my church to pray for you! Victory Christian Center! Believing a miracle is about to happen! Yee Yang!

  35. Louis, Connie and KidsDecember 17, 2008 at 3:21 PM

    Keep on fighting! We keep on waiting on God!
    We love you!!!

  36. Coleman I am amazed at how much you have been through and still fighting. You have so many people praying for you,your family & many friends. We are all praying for a miracle (a Christmas miracle).
    Devian, Jamie, Dustin and Mason Flores

  37. A friend whose husband is serving in Iraq sent a request for us to keep Coleman in our thoughts/prayers..

    Please stay strong and dont give up the fight. USA needs you.

    A fellow American in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

  38. Coleman! I am praying for you and your family day in and day out! Continue to hang in there! we all need you here, and we know that you are strong enough to pull through this! we love you!

    God I pray that you would intervene into this situation, be with Coleman and his family, help them to remain strong, and to put all of there trust in you through this hard time. I pray Father that you would preform a miracle on this young man. He is so special to all of us, and I pray that you would keep him wrapped in your arms through every step of this long, and frightening journey. We know that you are the ultimate healer and that you are able to do anything. Thank you for every breath that Coleman takes! Each day is a blessing. We give you all of the praise and all of the honor. In Jesus' Holy name. Amen .

  39. coleman this is daniel y. i miss you little buddy and wish u could come home to us you are a very special person to everyone . coleman i don,t really know what to say . i love you and miss you buddy you will always be in my heart i will never forget you. eric and belinda my heart goes out to you and your family i am so sorry my prayers are with you. love,daniel,jamie,paige yochum. love you coleman.....

  40. Father, we plead for each moment. Breath life back into Coleman. Breath for him. Work a miracle in his body. Father we are not ready to let go! You have worked miracles in his body all week, do it one more time.

    In all things we acknowledge your will. We pray that your will includes Coleman's complete and total recovery.

    In your Son's holy name,

  41. We have been praying for you constantly and not a minute has gone by without you on our minds. You have already beaten some of the odds the doctors had against you, and we pray that this hurdle will be overcome as well. You have been proving everyone wrong so far and you have been putting up a heck of a fight.

    You have so many people around the world praying for you - it is truly amazing. You are so loved!

    Sgt Cory and Allyson Schreiber
    A Co 1-6
    Baumholder, Germany

  42. Father, please help. Pleasse . . .

    touch Coleman
    comfort Eric and Belinda
    comfort Emil, Erica, and Haley
    comfort Jordan
    hear the prayers of your children

  43. dear coleman-

    i will always cherish so much the year i spent helping your mom with the youth group at heritage. three things that always come to mind when i remember those times and think of you - that big, contagious grin, that you're always up to something, and that sweet heart of yours beneath it all! you all (and your mom) helped me get through a rough little patch in my life and for that i will always be grateful!

    coleman, stay strong! we are praying for a big christmas miracle down here in both of our churches. we know He is able.

    all our love to you and your precious family,
    allyson (hughes) smith

  44. DEBBIE, DON AND MATTDecember 17, 2008 at 3:38 PM

    Debbie, Don and Matt,
    We know you will win this Battle- Life and death are in the power of the tongue-- with our mouth we confess a complete miracle of Coleman's behalf We refuse to give up and we never accept defeat--

  45. Belinda or Eric, when you see Coleman lay your hands on him and ask God for this miracle. Continuing to pray for Coleman and the family without ceasing.

  46. Lord, We want a miracle. We want complete healing that could only be from the hand of God, that would astound and confound all who see it. But whatever Your will is - it is right and it is perfect. May we wholly trust in You, and may you receive the glory. Bring peace and comfort to Eric and Belinda, Emil and Heather, Jordan and the girls.

  47. You have been fighting so hard already, please keep fighting! You are in our thoughts & prayers every second of the day! Keep fighting! You can overcome this! Hang in there!

    Sgt Joshua & Evi Clagg 1/6 INF
    Baumholder, Germany

  48. We are continuing our prayers here in Arizona. Praying for Coleman's healing. Also praying for comfort and wisdom and peace for Eric and Brenda, Emil and Heather, Jordan, Erica and Haley.
    The Baldon Family in AZ

  49. Lord it is in your hands, as it always is. Now is the time to reach down and heal Coleman. Bring him back to family, his friends and all the people of the world that are praying for him. Let the world know you are all powerful and let the world rejoice once again in your love. What better time of the year for a miracle than the time that we celebrate your birth.

  50. Hey Fish,
    We wish we could be there with you, Brother. Fight hard for us. We need you.

    You're in all of our hearts and on our minds.


  51. Are we selfish for wanting to keep Coleman here? Absolutely! Is his life worth begging for?? Absolutely without a doubt! Have thousands have people been praying to God for him to heal Coleman & spare his life? ABSOLUTELY! God, PLEASE, we beg of you to spare Coleman's life & to heal his body. There are so many people in the world with complete disregard to human life yet they are spared. Coleman is a great kid as evident by the thousands of prayers begging you to leave him with us. He will do great things in his life just as he has the last 18 years! Please don't take him. Please restore his health. Please put his parents mind at ease to know their 2nd born child will be whole again.

    Also, thank you to Eric & Belinda for keeping the rest of us posted. While it's nervewracking to come on here several times a day, I couldn't imagine the unknowing. Through all of your pain & grief you still take time to send an email so that we may all be updated on Coleman's situation. Thank you for that!

    Coleman, we're all behind you 1,ooo,ooo% Keep fighting. We know you're hurting but please don't give up. You're too special to all of us to not be a part of our lives. Hang in there.

  52. We continue to trust God to use these precious Believers and circumstances for the glory of God. Oh, what a testimony of the faithful as we read through the journal entries. May the Lord continue to surround the entire family with a peace that transcends all understanding. Coleman is in our prayers throughout every single day.

  53. lil coleman:
    you got this..continue to fight coleman. I will not stop thinking or praying for you. I love you


  54. I'm praying for Coleman's recovery. Our God is the God of miracles. Praying for Eric and Belinda and the rest of the family for strength and perseverance. Much love, Dmitri

  55. Dear Coleman
    Precious Child - So loved by so many
    Courageous Fighter - You have struggled hard, but I want you to know it is OK to rest and let Jesus carry you. He knows where you need to be - let go and surrender to Him - it will all be as it should be.
    In His Arms,
    Eric and Belinda,
    We love you both.

  56. Our prayers are with you during this difficult time and we know that God can deliver from this trial. Please Lord preserve his Life!

  57. Father, so many have pleaded and petitioned for a miracle for Coleman, Belinda and Eric, not in the least to leave out Erica and Haley, BBrother Emil, and his future bride that waits patiently for Your Will to be done. Jordan, I haven't met you but I can tell you are Coleman's perfect bride. Father, all she wants for a wedding gift is her Groom. Please LORD we can hear hearts breaking all over the world don't break Jordan's heart in two. Belinda I can't find words enuff to comfort sometimes, but you have been there for along time trying to pray my Lyme away, my friend for over 20 years, I can close my eyes and see me standing with you, Eric and Coleman. Love you all! Teresa Roger Lizzy Sirmon and Emily and Tom

  58. dont cry, dont cry
    i gave the world one hell of a try
    no regrets, no regrets
    but the times i got caught giving it

    coleman, give it hell, no matter where you end up. xoxo.

  59. Coleman you can do this! You have fought this hard and far, don't give up! A lot of people need you, believe you can do this fight this fight! Your strong! Pull through it!
    Please lord heal Coleman help him fight this reach out and take care of him & heal his lungs, please lord just help him.

  60. Coleman, we love you, we love you! I know your parents are whispering that in your ear; and there are hundreds of us that wish we could hold your hand and whisper it in your ear too. Be strong and courageous. God is holding you closer than ever. You have nothing to fear. You cannot lose with Him! We love you, we love you!

  61. Coleman - On one of your pictures on your myspace where your are proudly showing off some of your arm muscles, you used to have a caption under the picture that said: "There is strong, army strong, and Hinkefent strong!" So be Hinkefent strong and continue to fight. I love you more more more!


  62. Lord God, please heal Coleman.

  63. Don't be scared....God is with you, arms around you seek Him for comfort-He knows what is best and will bring it home to you. Stay strong Coleman-you have a lifetime ahead of you. Keep fighting like a real american soldier!!!

  64. Heavenly Father, place your healing hands upon Coleman. Touch his lungs and capillaries that you created and cause them to function exactly how You designed them. Remove the fluids from his lungs so he can breathe on his own. Heal his liver. If it by Thy will, miraculously heal his body, strengthen him with a powerful endurance. We trust your love and plans for Coleman,and all the Hinkefents, a precious member of your body. We lift up Coleman to you, Father, may You be glorified. You are able...if it by Thy will.

  65. coleman hang in there,
    dont give up now. youve made it this far.
    we are all praying for a miracle to happen for you to be with us another day.
    keep fighting.
    we arent giving up hope or faith on you, you can do this.

  66. have a lot of life ahead of you!
    Dont listen to any doctor.
    we love you here in oklahoma and will never stop praying till your back in our arms

    love lil twitch

  67. Coleman, Belinda, and Eric,

    I pray for a miracle of peace and comfort for all of you. May God hold you in the palm of his hand at this critical time. Coleman has already shown more courage and strength in his young life than men many times his age. I hope that you can all feel the love that is poured out by so many family and friends and that it will sustain you.

  68. Coleman, I think of the song this moment " I Can Only Imagine " and see you dancing your precious way, with your gleaming smile in front of our Father and I can only be happy that we have such a hope. Although selfishly I want you here, I know there is one who loves you more waiting for you with open arms. I am so proud of the life you've lived these last 2 years. Whatever the news of the next blog entry is, we know that Jesus, so proud of the race Coleman has run, holds him in His arms, either in spirit or, how amazing it must be, face to face. I have heard many on this blog say they "don't pray much" or "aren't religious"...Coleman wasn't religious either, niether are his parents. He and they have a lifelong friendship with the one who died to save them from an eternity of death, not just a week: Jesus. Please know, anyone who reads this, that Coleman's greatest wish would be for you to accept that Jesus is real, the cross really happened, and if Coleman does, in fact, not make it through the night here on this Earth, that he will indeed just pass on to the next "place of residence" in the eternal life that he was already living. The Hinkefent family is a testimony to the fact that the Jesus of the Bible is the best way of life and that, even though we as humans screw it up pretty regularly, living life as a "believer" is the only hope, the only way, the absolute best we could wish for. Coleman believed that Jesus came to earth, lived as a man, died on a cross as he thought of Coleman and every person on earth individually and their sins....and then rose again and is now in Heaven. Coleman will be with that Jesus. And he would want you to believe it, for yourself. Romans, Chapter 8...

  69. You are in our prayers Coleman. We have faith that God is going to restore you. Everyone back home loves you and is praying for you!

    Jessica & Lauren Holmes

  70. The Stand-Hillsong
    You stood before creation
    Eternity within Your hand
    You spoke the earth into motion
    My soul now to stand

    You stood before my failure
    Carried the Cross for my shame
    My sin weighed upon Your shoulders
    My soul now to stand

    So what can I say
    What can I do
    But offer this heart O God
    Completely to You

    So I'll walk upon salvation
    Your Spirit alive in me
    This life to declare Your promise
    My soul now to stand

    So what can I say
    What can I do
    But offer this heart O God
    Completely to You

    So I’ll stand
    With arms high and heart abandoned
    In awe of the One who gave it all

    So I’ll stand
    My soul Lord to You surrendered
    All I am is Yours

    To me, this says it all. My prayers and my heart are with you. I am standing with you in spirit with my arms high.
    Christy Patton

  71. O, Lord God, You know how desperate the situation is, and how the time appears to be growing short. We humans can not see how things can continue much longer as they are. Have mercy on Coleman and his family, grant him healing and strength. Fulfill now, O Lord, our desires and petitions as may be best for all of us; granting us in this world knowledge of Your truth, and in the age to come life everlasting. Amen.

    Jesus, Lamb of God:
    Have mercy on him.

    Jesus, Bearer of our sins:
    Have mercy on him.

    Jesus, Redeemer of the world:
    Give him your peace.

  72. Morning by morning,
    O Lord, you hear my voice;
    morning by morning I lay my request before you
    and wait i expectation. (Psalm 5:3)

    Lord our voices cry out for healing. We wait. We lay Coleman before You knowing that You are our loving, soverign, gracious, good, holy, rightous God. Help us to trust in You and to entrust Coleman to you.

    We ask for your miraculous intervention. We ask that Coleman's body receive sufficient oxygen, that his lungs clear, that his liver is repaired, that his kidneys work, and that the bleeding stop. You are the Great Physican, the magnificant designer of our bodies.

    We need You Lord. We need only You. Strenghten us as we wait upon You.

  73. Lord, be with Coleman. May your will be done. May you wrap your everlasting healing around him and his family. Lord, if it be your will, give him the peace that passes all understanding. I pray that you open the hearts of the people who read this blog about Coleman and let them know who you are. Jesus, have mercy on him. Jesus, hold your child in your hand. Jesus, may your will be done.

  74. Most Gracious Heavenly Father,

    Thank you so much for the Hinkefent family. Their commitment and love for You has always been evident. I ask that You pour out your grace and mercy on them. Let them know and feel Your presence. Every one of us wants Coleman to beat this. We pray for a miracle. You alone are God. You alone are worthy to receive glory and honor. You know the outcome of all of this. You are working good in this situation. It is Your promise to your people. We don't know what that "good" is yet, Father. We would ask that it be Coleman's healing. Lord, give Eric, Belinda, Jordan, Emil, Heather, Erica, Hayley and every other family member Your strength to bear whatever comes. You can save Coleman if that is Your perfect will. Lord, please. Heal his lungs, give him more time. In the name of Jesus, Amen

  75. Coleman baby don't give up. Be the fighter we all know you are. You are the strongest person I know. We are all here for you 100% just like you always are for us. Keep on fighting. You got this.
    Much California lovin,

  76. Keep pressing on. One step at a time.


  77. Praise Him in this storm.

  78. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but should have eternal life." John 3:16

    What Coleman believes:

    1. God loves you so much
    2. We are all sinners, separated from God. (Romans 3:23)
    3. The penalty for our sin is death. (Romans 6:23)
    4. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross and take the punishment for our sins.
    5. Whoever believes in this work of Jesus Christ no longer has to pay the penalty of sin. Instead, your sins are forgiven and you have eternal life.

    "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved".

    Coleman has believed and he has accepted the free gift of eternal life. His future is secure for eternity!

    Coleman would ask you~
    "What about your future?!"

    "He that believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, passes from death into life..."

    You can tell God right now that you want this free gift, and just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

  79. You got this little brother! I believe you WILL win this battle, through God, all things are possible. =] we love you and miss you and cant wait to see your face again! keep fighting you warrior!

  80. Robin (Twitch&#39;s Mom)December 17, 2008 at 6:12 PM

    Please continue to be strong and don’t give up the fight!! You have touched so many people around the world and we are all praying for you. We refuse to give up on you. The lord is good and he will help carrying you through this. You have got to keeping fighting. Hang in there my friend!

    Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. I demand you to leave this young man alone. Coleman is a child of god and he will not allow you to have a hold on him any longer. He is singing praises to god and thanking him every minute of the day. Every breath he takes is a step closer to allowing the doctors additional time to find what is causing him to be so sick and to be able to find the proper cure and diagnosis to help heal little C’s body. Lord god, we give you full and complete control over this matter. We ask that you please lift Coleman up and give him the strength and power to beat this horrible illness. He needs you lord, please help him! I ask that you please stand by Belinda and Eric during this trying and difficult time as they continue believing in you to perform a miracle to restore their son’s body and give him a new beginning. Please watch over this family and give them your mighty strength and serenity to give them comfort in this time of need. We praise your almighty name! Amen

    We love you!!

    Twitchell Family

  81. If you do decide to believe that Jesus died for your sins, and rose again to bring us eternal life, as Coleman has, please indicate on this blog,,, it will mean so much to him later, and will mean the world to his family now.. Please consider your destiny, should you be in the same place... The free gift of God is eternal life through His son...

  82. Coleman you keep fighting. You have fought to much to give up brother. I love you as a friend and as family. God please make him strong cure him of all weaknesses and comfort his family at this crucial time. God is wonderful and anything is possible with him on your side, so stay strong Coleman. I LOVE YOU LITTLE BUDDY.

  83. Coleman, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting man!
    Tyler Orcutt
    Haskell, OK

  84. coleman...please man get through this we all love you so much..i keep looking at this just waiting to see the post that says he has recovery and is stable and is finially pulling through...please baby we all know ur strong enough for this! i love you so much

    <3 you know who!

  85. Coleman,
    Keep fighting while I keep praying.
    Mark Karlovitz

  86. coleman you are an absolutely amazing person. I remember when lynds and i were with your family at the lake...riding on the boat..and your dad started chasing a was the funniest thing ever! and all the memories and late nights at the shop. you always made it so much more fun. you're an amazing big brother to your sisters, you are always there to protect them and tease them lol. you are always so nice to everyone and put others first. you are an angel and have touched my life as well as others. no matter what happens you are in all of our hearts and always will be. we've been praying none stop for you to pull through, and will continue to do so. we know you can. there will be a miracle, God is with you and your family. i miss you so much and am so thankful to know you.

    Love you and your family.
    God bless all.

  87. We are continuing to lift you all up high into the hands of The Almighty!!


  89. come on c'man you have to make it. everybody who knows you knows that your a fighter. So lets see you fight these odds coleman.

    Coleman- were not ready for you to leave. you have made an impact on us all. And we still need you.

    My prayers go out to coleman, Jordan, and the Hinkifint family everyday.


  90. Please know that we are bringing all of you before the throne of grace to find help in time of need. May He be your strength, your strong tower, your refuge and your comfort.
    Nothing will separate you from the love of God. May He hold you in His everlasting arms of love, and hold you up with His strong arms.

    Chattanooga, Tn

  91. oh coleman, be strong. We are all here praying and keeping our faith up that you ARE going to pull through, just like you do with every other challenge that you face. You, your family, and your friends are in my prayers every day and night. You have touched so many people, this isn't the end. We all love you c-man.

    pull through bud.
    we all know you will.


  92. Going on my knees to pray. I will not get up until we get an update.

    Whiteman AFB, MO

  93. Oh Lord,
    We come begging again for one more night for our brother in Christ, Coleman. Lord, please do not give up on this boy. Please dear Lord touch his body so that it will respond now.
    Jesus, please fight this fight Your child. Coleman's work on this earth is not done yet. Please God we beg You spare this young man. Let Coleman wake up in the morning on this earth well and alive. God, You are a Might and Miracle Making God. Lord, we need a miracle tonight. Please spare this child! In Jesus Christ Name we pray in agreement for this miracle and will be careful to give You the honor, praise, and glory. Amen.

  94. Eric, Belinda, Coleman,
    We're continuing in prayer for you. Trusting God, our refuge and fortress, our deliverer.
    Ps 91:14-16
    "Because he loves me," says the Lord, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation."
    We love you guys.
    Keith and Alice

  95. Coleman and family...

    Keep fighting little man, show everyone how strong you are and what can be accomplished with God. You have everyone praying for you. Be the miracle that we all know you can be.

    Keep the faith and know that the Lord is with you, holding you and will guide you through this journey and show you miracles that only he can.

  96. One more Hill Coleman, one more Hill!!!
    God be with this Family! They need you!

  97. I just came across Colemans story. I am praying in the name of Jesus Christ to please touch Coleman and take care of each specific need! Claim this in your name Jesus! Amen! Praying for Coleman and believing through our heavenly father anything is possible! My thoughts are with you Coleman and your family.

  98. Belinda and Eric,
    Please tell Coleman again how very much we love him. We will see him again, soon.......we have always been proud of him and always will be. God has had a plan for him from the day he was born, and God will not leave him nor forsake him now.
    Psalms 91:11 "For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways."
    This happened and the work of God has been displayed through Coleman's life.
    Fix your eyes on Jesus not he circumstances.
    The angels have been surrounding Coleman all his life.....protecting him, and comforting him.
    Isaiah 55:8-9 "My thoughts are not your thoughts"
    We do not and never will be able to comprehend the goodness God has desired for us until the hour of our completion into His likeness. Coleman's body is suffering from the effects of a world that is imperfect. The God that he loves, the Jesus that he follows, is perfect.
    We can rest in the promise that His Holy Spirit is going through this struggle with Coleman and the battle will not be lost........Coleman, Belinda, Eric, Emil, Heather, Jordan and everyone else reading this, listen to the song it's true "you are not alone". We love you Coleman and thank you for your love for us. See you soon. xoxo Aunt Betsy

  99. Coleman,
    even though we don't know you personally, it is evident by the posts we've read that you are one amazing young man. Through prayer we stand in agreement with everyone here that God can and will heal you!! We cannot wait to hear the miraculous story of how this was accomplished and where those close to you saw God throughout the journey!!

  100. Hinkefent strong!!!! that's exactly what Coleman is!!!! Man, you have fought too hard to give up now!!! God is there with you and He will deliver you from this!! I do NOT agree with the doctors on anything, I refuse to claim that you have leukemia, I refuse to claim that you have VOD, I refuse to claim that any of this disease and sickness is yours!!! It is not yours, it is satans, and satan is trying to inflict it on you and You are too strong for that. You ARE Hinkefent strong!!! You will fight trough this!!! Everyone is counting on you!!! God, We pray that you Heal Coleman of this sickness. All are to obey your command, even Satan. Command Satan to take his disease and sickness and leave Coleman. For he is your child. We ask that you deliver Coleman, and let him come home to us as our Christmas miracle and show to all who doubt, that through You anything truly is possible! Coleman, we continue to pray and we are waiting for good news! We love you bro!!!!!
    Garrett Jenkins and family

  101. Coleman,Eric,Belinda,& Family
    Please still know that we are standing with you in prayer and faith believing. Just had a good prayer of faith for you. We still believe God today for one more miracle. I have seen him turn things around so many times. Here is what we speak for you today my friend Coleman. We speak complete healing into your body in Jesus mighty name. The truth is his word, not circumstances! The living word today, the I AM
    that I AM God.
    "1 Peter 2:24 By whose stripes you were healed".
    "Isaiah 53:5 With his stripes we are healed".