Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update from Belinda

We again saw God work everything out today.

Passports aquired in record time and luggage packed by Becky or me that was exactly the maximum wieight! That certainly was a God thing. Please pray that we will be granted extended visitation rights as it has been suggested that we would only be allowed to viisit Coleman 2 hours a day and only during the designated visiting hours. We also ask for prayer that we get to talk to Coleman's doctor soon after we land.

Love each and everyone of you xoxo
Belinda (day 2 of our adventure)


  1. You are in our prayers. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

    Ru and Pep

  2. May God guide Coleman's doctors to cure him and give his family strength. We ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


  3. name is josephine and I am the assistant to gary hume (a friend of eric & belinda). gary told me about coleman's story right when he received an e-mail from erci today and i wanted to offer help if needed. i am a german native and citizen and i am fluent german. if you require any help with translations or anything else in germany please let me know ( or (435)901-4052)

    i don't know what you are going through right now but be assured that germany has a great health care system and hospitals are equipped with the latest technology. coleman and your family is in my prayers.



  4. We're praying for you constantly.
    Love, Tim and Teresa

  5. Lifting you up morning, noon and night as He lovingly gives you enough light for today....
    Roger & Sally

  6. You are all in my constant prayers. Love you so much and I'm so glad that the Father has you in his careful hands.

  7. We are in constant thought of you and prayer for God's continuous intervention. Our sovereign God is in control and knows the plan. May you continue to find strength in His love. Carlene

  8. We are still strong in the faith praying and believing. We say as Caleb in Joshua Ch.14. Lord give us this mountain. God is working his plan. How precious is his thoughts to you Coleman (PS:139:17-18). He is your refuge and fortress(PS:91:2)In him we trust. Just keep on fighting my friend. We still stand together with you. We believe with you.